Saturday, January 24, 2009

Peter O'Leary at The Cultural Society reviews Rhode Island Notebook. Likely the most thorough and thoughtful review of the book I've read thus far:

"...the risk at stake in publishing a book like Rhode Island Notebook, which, thanks to the Dalkey Archive, shines like a beacon in dismal times. Rhode Island Notebook doesn’t really belong in the lineage of the modernist long poems listed above – it’s constitutionally different as a travelogue – but it belongs in their company as an earnest addition to the act (and fact) of thinking about the meaning of America in a poem of length.

Rhode Island Notebook is better than most anything else I’ve read in the past year not written by a friend."

 [Photograph by Cary Conover, "Untitled," 
from the images section of The Cultural Society, used with permission]

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