Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Review by Levi Stahl at the Poetry Foundation website.

"[A]s the book progresses, and our hours on the road with Gudding add up, the mess of language begins to acquire a surprising emotional force. If McGrath’s project is to hold on to scenes and moments, Gudding’s is to clutch at microseconds. Individually, they may seem valueless, but strung end to end they are our days—and his account of them is wearing and maddening and scatological and, ultimately, admirable."

- Levi Stahl, "The Five-Minute Muse -- George Oppen, Gabriel Gudding, and Campbell McGrath: The off-the-cuff art of the poet's notebook."


steve.evans said...

Hi, Gabriel,

In the title of this post, you refer to the "National Poetry Foundation" when you apparently mean the more recently created "Poetry Foundation."

It's a natural and increasingly common mistake, but it warrants correction, since we're quite different outfits, with quite different histories and resources.

Thanks for your consideration, and congrats on the review!

Steve Evans

Gabriel said...

Hi, Steve,

Thanks for this correction. Strange (and embarrassing) to say so, but I knew these are two different outfits and I just confused the names.



Raymond Bianchi said...


we are due for a meeting... email me while the summer is young